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Annual CRVPM® Recertification

CRVPM® Recertification Course

This year’s recertification course focuses on Vendor BCP Feasibility, 3rd party business resilience and incorporates requirements from FFIEC Guidance Appendix J. Once successfully completed, you will receive an electronic certificate of recertification and the Vendor BCP ScoreCard that we developed.

The ScoreCard covers 5 control areas and 82 controls. It can even be used to evaluate your own BCP.

FFIEC Guidance from February 6, 2015 is all about process and procedure to strengthen business resilience for outsourced services but does not cover any issues about determining whether your vendor’s Business Continuity Plan is feasible. Guidance points out that it’s something that the institution must do as a part of its vendor Due Diligence an Ongoing Monitoring.

This webinar covers the following areas.

  1. FFIEC Guidance requirements for a Business Continuity Plan
  2. Benefits of ensuring that your vendor’s BCP is sound
  3. Feasibility Analysis of the vendor’s BCP including:
    1. Purpose & Objective
    2. Components of the Plan
    3. Adequacy of risk mitigation strategies
    4. Geographic Diversity
    5. Policies, Standards and Processes
    6. Training of personnel
    7. Alternatives for independent components and stakeholders
    8. Maintaining the plan
    9. Auditor involvement
  4. Identification of Single Points Of Failure (SPOF)
  5. Test Plan Objectives
  6. Outsourcing the Business Continuity function (DR Site Outsource)
  7. “What If…” scenarios

$199.00 (USD)

Web-based, Self-paced

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