Certified Contract Structure Analyst (CCSA™)

Certified Contract Structure Analyst (CCSA™)

Contract Risk has been an area of increased focus for many institutions. The process of properly structuring contracts is extremely time-consuming and that doesn’t even include the time spent red-lining and revising the contracts by the contract parties. The lack of industry standards for creating contracts just exacerbates the situation and sometimes it seems as though writing a contract is an expensive and labor-intensive one-off process. This course will help you structure effective contracts that are clearly written and easily understandable with the clauses that can be accepted by all contract parties. The result is a repeatable, cost-effective process.

It’s time to start structuring effective contracts with a repeatable process utilizing templates and clause libraries that can be quickly built, are easily understood and that align with your company risk appetite.

“Certified Contract Structuring Analyst (CCSA)” is presented by Carolyn Jungclas, a recognized industry expert who has many years of experience leading company Procurement departments and Vendor Management Offices and who has structured, negotiated and managed thousands of contracts. Carolyn will share her invaluable experience and expertise as she guides you through a contract structuring journey, providing you with Master Services Agreement and Statement of Work templates that you can leverage to create your own contract templates and clause libraries going forward.

This course will benefit Vendor Management, Risk, Procurement, Contract, Legal, and Compliance professionals, company internal business owners, as well as third parties selling services.

Time Required: 12 hours

CPE Credits: 14.4 cpe credits (based on 1 credit per 50 minutes)

Availability: On demand from any location, web-based, self-paced eLearning course

Curriculum: 5 chapters, each followed by an exam

Materials Provided:

  1. All Course Content – chapter PDFs
  2. Contracts Companion document including:
    a. Master Services Agreement Clause Framework
    b. Statement of Work template
  3. Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement template

At the conclusion of the course the student will receive

  • Certificate of Completion


Contract structures vary greatly in format and there are no industry standards for creating contract templates. No matter what industry your company operates in, all companies want contracts that are clearly written and easy to understand, but that’s just not always the case. Structuring an effective contract takes a time, skill and experience. It can be a repeatable process resulting in a document that is laid out logically and that makes sense to both parties.

Well-structured contracts provide clear advantages to attorneys, procurement and contract professionals and the vendors/ third parties. Reducing the review, red-line process and turn-around time adds huge value to the contracting process, reducing and ultimately saves valuable time and money. Building a standard template and/or library of clauses (terms and conditions) that can be easily assembled is a true time and money saver and creates repeatable and reliable process for ensuring that contracts are:

  • Aligned with the company risk appetite
  • Clearly Written,
  • Easily Understood, and
  • Define the rights and responsibilities of both parties


The goal of the Certified Contract Structure Analyst course is to guide you through the process of creating a standard Master Services Agreement (MSA) and Statement of Work (SOW) template with the terms and conditions that meet the requirements of your company policies and its risk appetite. In addition, by leveraging suggestions for contract structuring from recent Interagency Guidance on Third-Party Relationships: Risk Management, those of you subject to FFIEC Guidance will develop a contract template and SOW template that is aligned with Federal regulatory agency guidelines. At the end of the course, you will understand all the clauses that should be included (or not) in a Master Services Agreement and Statement of Work of your own or that which has been submitted to you by a third party. You’ll have a working, referenceable contract framework in order to partner with internal stakeholders to create a repeatable process for structuring and negotiating effective contracts.

CRVPM Level 4 Course

$1,499.00 (USD)

12 hours

ICB/ABA Approved

14.4 CPE Credits

Web-based, Self-paced

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