Vendor Business Resilience & Appendix J

Is Your VENDOR Prepared for a Disruption?

Time Required: 85 minutes

Availability: Web-based pre-recorded webinar

What You Get: Vendor BCP Workbook and Vendor BCP Feasibility ScoreCard


YOU might be prepared for a business disruption but how prepared is your vendor? Most of us collect a vendor’s Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and DR Test Results and as long as we see that they’ve passed and have a Return-To-Operational (RTO) time that meets our requirements, we think that we can sleep better at night. But there’s much more to knowing that your vendor is really prepared for a disruption. As FFIEC Guidance states,

“…The goal of the BCP should be to minimize financial losses to the institution, serve customers and financial markets with minimal disruptions, and mitigate the negative effects of disruptions on business operations.”

This webinar covers the following areas.

  1. Issues Driving Regulatory Change
  2. FFIEC Guidance requirements for a Business Continuity Plan
  3. Benefits of a sound Vendor BCP
  4. Is Your Vendor Prepared?
    1. Feasibility Analysis of the vendor’s BCP
    2. Identification of Single Points Of Failure (SPOF)
    3. Test Plan Objectives
  5. Outsourcing the Business Continuity Function: DR Site Outsource issues
  6. Are YOU Prepared? The risks of an inadequate Vendor BCP
  7. What If…? Alternatives when you can’t the vendor’s BCP or you don’t get what you ask for

The Vendor BCP Feasibility ScoreCard asks 82 questions across the following six (6) components of the BCP:


Business Impact Analysis



Emergency Procedures

Pandemic Plan

$479.00 (USD)

85 minutes

Web-based pre-recorded webinar

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