Annual CRVPM® Recertification

CRVPM® Recertification Course

Each year you must recertify your CRVPM designation. Rather than just paying to retain your designation without receiving any value, as is the case with many other organizations, CEI provides relevant subject matter.

You can choose to recertify annually or move to the next level of CRVPM Advanced certification. An advanced CRVPM designation (Level ll, Level lll, etc.) counts for 2 years of initial certification. You can either take the annual recertification courses for the respective level or you can take the next Advanced Level.

Example: when your annual recertification comes due for Level l, you can move directly to the Level ll Advanced course. Otherwise you can take each of the annual recertification courses and achieve your Advanced designation in five years.

Each recertification course varies in length and requires an 80% score to pass the exam at the end of the course. Upon completing all recertification courses within each CRVPM level, you will attain the next level of CRVPM designation.

Level l annual recertification courses include:

  • Recert 1: Business Resilience
  • Recert 2: Site Visits
  • Recert 3: Vendor Selection, Performance and Value
  • Recert 4: Contract Issues and Exposures
  • Recert 5: Vendor Exit Strategy

Level ll annual recertification courses include:

  • Recert 1: Vendor Management Program Business Value
  • Recert 2: RFP Process
  • Recert 3: Concentration Risk
  • Recert 4: 3rd Party Cyber Security
  • Recert 5: GDPR

$199.00 (USD)

Web-based, Self-paced

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Certified Regualtory Vendor Program Manager