Vendor Program Structure & Compliance

Program Structure and Compliance

Time Required2.5 Hours

Availability: Web-based eLearning System, self-paced

CPE Eligible: 3 credits


Program Structure chart with roles and responsibilities

Checklist of the 10 components of a compliant 3rd Party Risk Management Program

1 Year of phone and email support

Who Should Take This Course:

This is an absolute MUST for Senior Executives, 3rd Party Risk Management staff, 3rd Party Governance Analysts, Auditors, Examiners, Risk Officers, Compliance Officers and any staff involved in building and managing a compliant Vendor Management Program.


Building a compliant 3rd Party Risk Management program is like building a house. It must have the following:

1)      A purpose for building the house (Strategic Objectives)

2)      A strong foundation (defined 3rd party risk management lifecycle)

3)      Windows/doors/siding to protect against the elements (controls to mitigate risk)

4)      A framework with a support structure (Operating Model)

  • Construction crew including carpenters, plumbers, electricians (1st Line of Defense)
  • A foreman (Vendor Management Office – 2nd Line of Defense) to oversee its development and to ensure that all members of the crew execute their tasks and live up to their responsibilities
  • An independent building inspector (Audit – 3rd Line of Defense) that provides assurance that the foreman and crew have done their jobs properly
  • A process for reporting status of construction and change orders (Reporting to committees and the Board)

5)      A roof to cover it all (Executive Management and the Board)

6)      Constructed to meet state and federal building code (regulations)

This course covers the following 3 areas to address these issues:

  1. Adapting a governance, risk, compliance (GRC) framework to 3rd party risk management programs
  2. Developing an Operating model including 1st, 2nd, 3rd Lines of Defense
  3. Building a 3rd Party Risk Management Program that meets the 10 components of a compliant program

$299.00 (USD)

2.5 Hours

Web-based eLearning System, self-paced

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