A fantastic foundation and introduction into the world of Vendor Program Management.  Highly recommend any “new” people to this area of business take this course.

Rachael Staab, Vendor Risk Management, TARGET

Vendor Management is a hot topic amongst the Regulators these days. Therefore, this program is essential for anyone coordinating or managing vendor oversight efforts/activities.  It covers all the areas that are designed for a successful program.  I highly recommend this course to anyone that is in the field of Compliance/Vendor Management.

Clara Moore, Vice President Assistant Compliance Officer, Preferred Bank

Highly Recommended.

Bradley Cullum, IT Technical Manager – Cybersecurity, USAA

This was a fantastic course. It helped reinforce the strategies my credit union is putting forth and included numerous helpful tools and resources.

Kathleen Rose, Risk Administrator, Kitsap CU

This is a great course for Vendor Risk Management Professionals!!

Lenora Funchess, AVP, Third-Party Compliance Specialist, Regions Bank

I thought the program was excellent and exactly what I was looking for to better understand our current program and how to improve it. This course provided a great foundation for understanding the key components of building a solid vendor management program.

Margaret Kilburn, Compliance Manager, Cornerstone Community Credit Union

It provides everything you need to know about vendor management in a clear and organized manner.

Missy Oliver, CoNetrix

This course is an exceptional learning tool that covers all areas of Vendor Management, I highly recommend!

Nick Mann, Assistant Risk Officer, Chambers Bancshares

This is a great course to learn stuff you didn’t know you didn’t know! Thanks for a great learning experience.

Pat Holmes, Internal Auditor, Norstate CU

This course is a must for all vendor program managers to take.

Ted Kreussel, Internal Auditor, Cincinnati Federal

Highly recommend. The course provides an excellent understanding of managing vendors in our regulatory environment. It helped me better understand the foundation for many of our current processes, while providing best practice guidelines that we can implement realistically.

Shawna Martinez, Supplier Relationship Manager, Vantiv

Highly Recommended. A must for anyone involved in vendor management or auditing.

Angelique Danzy, Sr Auditor II, Regions Bank

This is a great course for anyone who manages contracts or engages in Vendor selection.

Jeffrey Dickerson, State Farm

Provided insight into how to effectively manage a Vendor Management Program.  This course is not only applicable for bankers, auditors, and examiners but is useful for financial services industries as well.

Laura Pearce, Vendor Risk & Compliance Analyst, PRA Group

If you don’t want your program to be just a “check the box to say you have it” kind of program, you need to check out the level 2 content!

Matt Bailey, Director of Compliance, Linn Area Credit Union

Highly recommended for individuals involved in vendor management. The course definitely helped to fill gaps in my organization’s current vendor management program.

Mike Gurat, Compliance Officer, Maui County FCU

Highly recommended for Internal Audit, Compliance, Vendor Managers, Business Unit Managers, Bankers, Statutory and Regulatory Bank Examiners, etc.

Andrew Clark, Mitsubishi Union Financial Group

This really helped me understand the legal framework for vendor management, and really gave great insights as to why our vendor management program is so essential to the organization.

Nolan Heiter, Vice President Deposit Operations, SunTrust Bank

A must for anyone involved in vendor management.

Senada Suma, Vontobel Asset Management

I highly recommend this for new vendor programs and programs already in place.  I was able to pin point where processes were lacking and where things needed to be streamlined in regards to the number of vendors we were reviewing annually.

Lisa Gnyp, Regulatory/Compliance Manager, OUR Credit Union

Certified Regulatory Vendor Program Manager (CRVPM®) Testimonials

I would recommend this course for anyone at any institution whether they are just beginning to implement a vendor management program or have one already fully implemented.  It is great guidance for implementation and an excellent refresher any vendor management personnel as it cements key points and best practices for a successful and compliant program.

Lynn Tempesta, VP/IT Operations Manager, Southshore Bank, MA ($1B)

The course makes you seriously look at your internal existing vendor management process with a detailed granular microscope making it impossible for deficiencies to go unnoticed.

Fred Wollmann, Chief Financial Officer, Kleberg Bank TX ($460M)

Highly recommend this course for anyone tasked with developing, maintaining or overseeing a Vendor Management program.

Dave Hanighen, CIO/ISO, Simplicity Bank ($830M),CA

A must for anyone involved in vendor management!

Amy Moran, Vendor Mgmt Specialist, 5 Star Bank NY ($2.5B)

Highly recommended even if you have been responsible for vendor management for years and think you have a grasp on it!

Alan Hampton, Information Systems Director, Bank of Central FL ($135M)

This course provided many great takeaways…as well as provided confirmation that we are definitely on the right track!

Dana Bliss, Vendor Mgmt Specialist, Chemical Bank ($5.8B), MI

The flow was good and the learning concepts built on one another. We are going to make some changes to our program based on what we have learned. We have struggled to get a complete vendor management program active but this course has given us the necessary tools to fill in the areas that we have been lacking in. We gained enough information and knowledge to enhance our existing program and that was what we had hoped for.

Gordon Wadsworth, President & CEO, Nevada Bank and Trust

This course is something that bankers as well as examiners should be taking.

Kia Ware, SVP CIO, Eastern Virginia Bankshares VA

A great tool for those employees new to Vendor Management and a great refresher for current Vendor Management Program Owners.

Cheri Caruso, SVP, Senior Technology & Operations Officer, Franklin Savings Bank, NH ($370M)

Highly Recommend! This course affirmed what I need to be doing in my Vendor Management Program. This is a quick and easy way to get the training you need to ensure you are running a compliant and effective program.  I’m glad to have found this great resource.

Brandy Morales, Kleberg Bank, TX ($460M)

The course helped to understand current gaps in our program and areas to fine tune. I would highly recommend…

Jackie Ilse, SVP Risk Management, Kleberg Bank ($460M), TX