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2,000th Certified Regulatory Vendor Program Manager (CRVPM®) Completes Course!

December 4, 2019

Ocean, NJ —Compliance Education Institute (CEI).

The 2,000th Certified Regulatory Vendor Program Manager (CRVPM®) completed the industry’s leading certification course for vendor program management, setting another milestone for Compliance Education Institute and the financial services industry.

“Taking this course has truly inspired me to work towards elevating our current program to the highest level of standards!” stated Cathy Roschinsky, CRVPM number 2,000. “The courses are very highly recommended! I’m excited knowing the knowledge I’ve gained from this course will enhance our program.”

“I wrote the industry’s first certification course for vendor program management in 2013 in order to help educate those who were tasked with building and managing vendor management programs,” noted Mick Kless, CEO of Compliance Education Institute. “But it wasn’t to turn their programs into a compliance checklist to make examiners and auditors happy. The purpose was to provide them with the tools they need to build a strong foundation for vendor risk management and program growth. As the certification course spread from the community sector to the largest financial institutions in the world, two Advanced CRVPM courses were released to help transform vendor management programs into an enterprise strategy that delivers value, achieves strategic goals, protects the institution’s reputation and protects their customers,” continued Kless.

About Compliance Education Institute LLC

Compliance Education Institute (CEI) provides Education, Advisory Services and Vendor Management solutions and is the industry leader in Vendor Management Education and Certification. 3rd Party Toolbox is a complete vendor management solution that leverages 11 years of vendor management software development, nearly 40 years of financial services experience, and hands-on experience managing vendors and building programs resulting in a 3rd party risk management solution that addresses your real world needs.

Now in its sixth year, CEI’s CRVPM® course is still the #1 vendor management program certification course with more than 2,000 graduates in 16 countries. The course has been taken by those in the banking, insurance, brokerage & securities, mortgage, retail, automotive, audit, government, consulting, healthcare, and education sectors. Known for its deep expertise in vendor risk management, CEI is the go-to resource for hundreds of companies across multiple sectors seeking advice, solutions and direction in building and augmenting their vendor management programs.

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