July 11, 2023

Ocean, NJ —Compliance Education Institute (CEI).

Compliance Education Institute has published Structuring Effective Contracts, a course that helps Attorneys, Procurement and Contract professionals, Vendor Management professionals and Vendors streamline and standardize the contract writing process. The course description can be found at

“The process of properly structuring contracts is extremely time consuming and that doesn’t even include the time spent red-lining and revising the contracts by the contract parties,” noted Mick Kless, CEO of Compliance Education Institute. “The lack of industry standards for creating contracts just exacerbates the situation and sometimes it seems as though writing a contract is an expensive and time-consuming one-off process. This course will help you structure effective contracts that are clearly written and easily understandable with the clauses that can be accepted by all contract parties. The result is a repeatable, cost-effective process that leverages an accepted set of contract standards.”

Structuring Effective Contracts guides you through the process of creating a standard Master Services Agreement template, Statement of Work template and Clause libraries with the T’s & C’s that meet your company requirements and risk appetite,” stated Carolyn Jungclas, a recognized industry expert with deep expertise in leading public sector Procurement Departments and Vendor Management Offices. “In addition, by leveraging contract structuring guidelines from Interagency Guidance for Third Party Risk Management in the financial services sector, this course will help you structure contracts that meet regulatory expectations as well as make good business sense.”

About Compliance Education Institute

Compliance Education Institute (CEI) provides Training and Certification courses, Advisory Services and Software Solutions for 3rd party risk management. Now in its tenth year, CEI’s CRVPM® course is still the #1 vendor management program certification course with more than 3,400 graduates in 23 countries. Known for its deep expertise in vendor risk management, CEI is the go-to resource for thousands of companies seeking advice and direction in building and augmenting their vendor management programs and educating their staff.

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