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New Vendor Management Course Addresses Business Continuity Management and FFICE Guidance

September 16, 2020

Ocean, NJ —Compliance Education Institute has released a new Business Continuity Management (BCM) course as a part of its Certified Regulatory Vendor Program Manager (CRVPM®) series. CRVPM Level IV Advanced and its non-certification counterpart include five chapters covering the topics below. A full course description can be found at

  1. Business Continuity Management and Business Resilience
  2. Business Impact Analysis and Risk Assessment
  3. Business Continuity Planning
  4. Crisis Management Planning, Incident Response Planning and Disaster Recovery Planning
  5. Pandemic Planning and 3rd Party Preparedness, Plan Components, COVID-19 Lessons Learned

“Since the Pandemic, we’ve seen companies continue to scramble to find vendor contracts, BCP’s, Pandemic Plans and DR Plans in order to determine whether they’re current and even meaningful given the situation nobody anticipated. The new BCM course is quite timely and tracks along with the new FFIEC Guidance which offers a strategic, risk-based focus on resilience,” noted Mick Kless, CEO of Compliance Education Institute. “The best part about the course is that it moves from strategic to tactical and can be applied to your vendors as well as your own institution. Given the regulatory focus on BCM, this course offers great content to augment your program and prepare for a regulatory exam. It’s also quite applicable for non-Financial Institutions since it provides a great foundation for a sound BCM program.”

The new course includes sample editable plans that can be adapted to individual company needs, checklists and risk scorecards for various aspects of BCM. “We still see many companies struggling with business impact analysis (BIA) to determine criticality and trying to understand RPO, RTO and MTD. Combining the documents we provide along with the content of the course creates value you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else,” continued Kless.

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Compliance Education Institute (CEI) is a NJ-based education and training company focused on providing specialized vendor management education curriculum and software tools to multiple market sectors. Its clients include banks, credit unions, insurance companies, securities/brokerage firms, retailers, consultancies, and vendor management solutions providers. The CRVPM® course series is the industry’s leading educational program for 3rd Party Risk Management.