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New Vendor Management Courses Address 3rd Party Risk Management Lifecycle

May 10, 2017

Ocean, NJ —Compliance Education Institute has released a new series of vendor management courses addressing the 3rd party risk management lifecycle.

“Both the Certified Regulatory Vendor Program Manager (CRVPM®) Level l & Level ll Advanced courses have been runaway successes and have become the de facto industry standard for vendor management program certification with more than 1,000 graduates in 5 countries since its introduction in November 2013,” said Mick Kless, CEO of Compliance Education Institute. “We recognize that not everyone is interested in attaining a certification in vendor program management but they still have a deep interest in strengthening their knowledge in specific areas of the 3rd party risk management lifecycle. This series of new courses that we’ve published provides focused education to help augment that knowledgebase and strengthen vendor management programs.” The new on-demand course offerings include:

  • Program Structure and Compliance
  • Outsource Planning and Exit Strategy
  • Vendor Selection, Performance & Value
  • Contract Issues & Exposures
  • Site Visits
  • Business Resilience

“Examiner scrutiny over 3rd party oversight as well as 4th party oversight and so on down the risk supply chain continues to grow,” continued Kless. “In fact, the new SSAE 18 SOC ll will assess the 3rd party’s vendor management program, further emphasizing the importance of this facet of risk management. It’s essential to constantly educate oneself in order to remain ahead of the 3rd party risk curve and build a program that can continue to expand and strengthen by infusing it with mature concepts regardless of the size of your institution.”

The Lifecycle Series is available directly through Compliance Education Institute and its business partners and can be found at

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