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Compliance Education Institute Expands Into Vendor Management Professional Services

May 17, 2017

Ocean, NJ —Compliance Education Institute (CEI) has expanded beyond education and training and is now leveraging its deep vendor management program expertise to offer strategic planning, vendor management program assessments, and vendor management program audits. This series of professional services is being consolidated under CEI via its sister company R.I.S.C. Associates, who has provided these services since 2008.

“We’ve been providing professional services since CEI’s inception in 2013 but had leveraged our staff from sister company R.I.S.C. Associates to conduct risk assessments, gap analyses, program audits and strategic planning,” noted Mick Kless, CEO of Compliance Education Institute and R.I.S.C. Associates. “As the recognized industry leader in vendor program management certification and training, it made sense to consolidate those specialized services under CEI’s 3rd Party Risk Management Practice. We have literally designed, built, implemented, and managed vendor management programs for hundreds of companies since 2008 and continue to provide ongoing Advisory Services as their programs have grown and matured.”

Professional Services offered include:

  • Strategic Planning and Advisory Services
  • Vendor Management Program Risk Assessment
  • Vendor Management Program Audit

“As outsourcing of critical services continues to expand, the risks grow exponentially,” stated Kless. “It’s essential to build a solid forward-looking program foundation or enhance an existing one NOW so that you aren’t scrambling to rebuild it in order to mitigate unforeseen risks a year or three years or five years from now.”

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Compliance Education Institute

About Compliance Education Institute

Compliance Education Institute (CEI) is a NJ-based education and training company focused on providing specialized vendor management education curriculum, professional services and tools to multiple market sectors. Its clients include banks, credit unions, mortgage brokers, insurance companies, securities/brokerage firms, retailers, consultancies, and vendor management solutions providers.