Okay, the Equifax breach wasn’t your fault. Neither was the Home Depot breach, Target breach, etc., etc. Thus, the Data Breach Notification regs don’t apply to you so you’re clear of any responsibility. Or are you? I scoured a couple hundred bank and credit union websites this weekend and found that very few provided any information at all about the Equifax breach and how to monitor your credit report or even just your bank account for abnormal activity. In fact, I found very few that had any information that was readily available on their homepages about identity theft, including my own bank which has trillions in assets under management. We’ll ALL likely pay for the Equifax breach in one way or another (including consumers) for years to come so it’s EVERYONE’S problem. The business of banking was built on trust. In the interest of customer relationship management, consider providing some guidance to those who might not be as aware of identity theft and the actions to take to try to monitor and protect themselves. An obvious link on a homepage would be great. And what about that social media presence showing smiling faces and how in touch you are with the community? Great vehicle for reaching out about the breach and great opportunity to build trust and educate. I guarantee you that your customers/members will thank you. And you know what, I bet your examiners would like to see some action on your part as well.